si deus pro nobis quis contra nos?
If god is for us, who shall be against us?

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message received: December 8th 2007 2:26 AM Dear Mr.. Chessman,
many thanks for your encouragement. I still expect justice to prevail. We have won three quarters of the case and the remaining counts are nonsense. Your
kind words were most gratefully received by Barbara and me.
Best wishes to you. Yours, 



Martha Stewart "Living" Magazine April 2019 issue


message received by courier from
Martha Stewart's Organization:

Early April 2019

Dear Michael,

Martha appreciates your work and sends her best wishes for your success.


Initial Defence of Conrad Black and Martha Stewart we offered


Defence of Martha Stewart case we stand by

Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman on Healthcare


Our efforts to clear Lord Black and ensure a better
outcome included a personalized email campaign
 targeting 100,000 top lawyers in the USA and Europe
 along with those holding Public Office in these
 countries to the full extent of about a quarter of a
 million emails, all told. Also included was a rigorous
 fax campaign targeting the various members of
 Congress including both the Lower House as well as
 the Senate.

We even reached the Judges involved by email in
 Chicago, asking that Bail be allowed while an
 appeal was underway, offering to have included our
 submission in the form of an "Amicus brief" Many
 high level responses were received, including from
 former Vice President Walter Mondale, then in
 private practice as a lawyer along with Lawyers
 around the USA and Europe, all offering their views
 on our claims that Lord Black deserved better justice
 than what he would have otherwise faced without
 saner voices prevailing as we submitted back then.
 We kept  Conrad Black posted by email of all the
 responses we got and the exchanges we were
 involved in, and even got a nice note from his Law
 firm which was representing him and which was part
 of the Law firms whose lawyers we all reached
 individually with our suggestions as to the best
 possible arguments for a better outcome, we think.

Earlier we sent about 100,000 emails in respect of
 Martha Stewart to Public Officials and Press
 worldwide suggesting she had been unfairly targeted
 for her human spirit which was supreme without a
 doubt compared to those set upon her in an unfair
 obvious "witch-hunt" we said. View the videos above
 for our full arguments which we advanced on her
 behalf and on behalf of all who share our spirit on
 the earth, regardless of what would have been the
 outcome for the planet as a whole, in the fallout
 which was to ensue, to ensure a better existence
of Human beings offering genuine care as Martha is
 made capable of doing above all else in her midst
 we submit. 

We even mailed the Judge who presided over
 Martha's case and who rendered the cruel and harsh
 verdict whose terms included a period of house
 arrest "with no decorations allowed on the walls" a
 note suggesting she was pretty much "out to lunch"
 on a scale unacceptable  to the human spirit in
 general, in respect of the injustices inflicted by her
 court (not to mention the ankle restraints Martha had
 to wear around her home - quite simply inhuman if
 not inhumane a thing to do to a gal of her spirit I say!
 (and would again to the Judge in person if need
 be) .


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The fallacy of Obstruction of Justice Charge against Martha

Healthcare for all our own - video by Michael Rizzo Chessman


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