Shown below is an image from a recent movie "The Downfall"
which goes to show how tragic Hitler's ideas were if you
are to be fair and decent to all human beings (as it appears to us
at the Euro Coalition that the woman being threatened with
extermination here is without a doubt a much greater human spirit
than the apparent freak aiming a gun at her).

Hitler did perhaps have a point in todays perspective of thinking of a
menace (the globalist movement consisting of both whites and
non whites) threatening the people of europe across the planet with
extermination in favour of other beings.
At the time he would
have been considered paranoid in his thinking. Just consider the
shrinking percentages of native europeans in their own countries
and the loss of power with the globalist movement. But that
threat does not come from the Jews he described in his
book "Mein Kampf" (see reading below) but rather it comes
from a more contemporary thinking threat that pervades
the planet today seeking to dispossess the white race of its
place in the world of a right enough place in which to
continue to exist peacefully and with a preservation of
culture and happiness and security and sense of belonging
that each human is entitled to from the family to which they
belong most especially and rightly so I might add and venture
to say additionally. This globalist movement has a viewpoint
which denies the christianly spirit of this idea of decency
it would appear. 


Hitler did have some ideas for Germany that have some
merit. He spoke of some need to limit state authority and
as well for the need for community service. In actual practice
Hitler's campaign was to result in a devastation of european
countries in what has been a subsequent decline of the
european spirit in the time since as the guilt has been too
much to bear of what were his tragically misapplied doctrines
of hate.

Below is a highly competent reading by a British Gentleman
of Adolph Hitler's Mein kampf included in the downloads at
various sites on the net. Youtube has many versions of Mein
kampf from many varying uploaders

Mein Kampf postings on net

 Kant was referring without a doubt to the loss of innocence and innocent lives in this all