Every school lunchroom should look just like the picture above. Great
kids, being cared for and nourished with sensible food that isn't going to
waste elsewhere in what poor sense of priorities has recently been shown
by those involved in the mass giveaway of the rights of those suffering instead
in various of our own areas of special concern - whether in Berlin, madrid, Rome
or even Belfast and Dublin in Ireland. These aren't areas which should be poverty
stricken - and our dearest boys and girls who show promise to best contribute
to our world with merit fully in mind will be looked after by coalition led
resources from whichever other priority will be relegated to the dustbin istead
from those in a best reasoned position to give.

If you are wasting our monies elsewhere in order to be wicked I suggest
now is as good a time to call it quits - cause you wont enjoy the thrill
anymore - I assure you! honest! really and truly! Just try me...

Michael Rizzo Chessman - Leader eurocoalition.org

Paul Fromm response


The Reverend Jessie Jackson blatantly and unashamedly
asks us to put others before our own!!