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No! to McDonalds

This food is "merde"! (pardon moi French!)
Look to your right for better choices! Send 
these guys home packing as they lack Euro 
standards of discernment in quality taste affect 
and value, not to mention quality of life issues 
generally. Much of it is way overpriced by
comparison to independent restaurant offerings
See for
real greatest fast food ideas here additionally

So why act insane? It affects everything
you are and everything you do. Lose the habit!

Although its has to be said that one cant be blaming
someone for going in there looking for a tasty jnr chicken burger for under two dollars (make sure you
get enough mayo on it - just ask for extra sauce if
need be - its free)- available at McDonalds and
Wendy's too! Tim's has their own version just come
out for a toonie apparently. Also just about
all of the fast food giants offer a five dollar
combo of burger,fries and drink - if you're on a
budget which seemingly gives you no other choice,
it's not such a bad deal ultimately fer shure. 

McDonalds $5 combo offering - on and off

By the way, recently tried MCdonald's "Mexican Chipotle"
burger special and found it to be in actuality just
a jnr burger which normally sells for two bucks
with some mainly chipotle sauce added - $3.29 would
you believe! I did enjoy a Wendy's double stack burger
the following week for the same price - much fresher
ingredients i must say of Wendys in general (despite
similarly poor decor for enjoying a meal in as the "major"
so-called fast food joints are notoriously equipped for)
McDonalds jnr "mcDouble" is now two bucks as well

Here is a reply we received from Senator Biden's
state regarding our "ban/discourage)" McDonalds campaign: 

"Screw up your personal courage and refuse to patronize them.  That way, you'll eat healthier and you'll preserve the freedom of those who choose to consume their lawful products."
Rep. Wayne A. Smith
House Majority Leader
Delaware General Assembly

Our polite retort:
Sir I think you over value this concept when in the absence of a sound education!  
Michael Chessman, Leader


Schnitzel Queen
(downtown Toronto) offers
a supreme platter of German food for less than
a ten dollar bill ! (please tip these generous spirits equally too!)

(No longer in business in this town - sadly)

Cuiscene "stylish" restaurant -
Top Floor Sears Department store DT
Toronto Canada bakes up great gourmet
topping pizza priced well under ten bucks
with taxes (still come in under a ten with
a generous Caesar salad too as a side
addition). Also real nice breakfast and
other lunch offerings including a reasonable
Steak on a salad treat, and other nice
creations. - Update: Sears locations now closed 

This deli-supermarket chain in Canada most often
offers a daily lunch under three bucks in a 12oz 
Clam Chowder bowl along with crackers of course.
Locations include Atrium on Bay (Downtown
 Toronto and along the waterfront at the Queens
 Quay) They've even been known to serve up a great
lobster bisque in a take-out bowl. (price varies).

The Dominion supermarket
deli on Mutual street Toronto
Canada offers a generous
chopped Octopus in a salad
for even well under $5 
($2.42 / 100 gms)

Check-out take-out deals on 
Shrimp cocktail by weight 
(approx $2 for 100gms) available at Longos supermarket in Toronto  DT

Loblaws Outlets in town do have lunch deals
worth the price, and huge bags of "ready to eat"
pepperoni slices at just ten bucks at lower jarvis
Street location near Queens Quay.
Consider as well that the Metro has simply the
best deal in  meals including greatest tasting
grilled sausage offerings in town (chorizo and
turkey - sometimes wrapped in soft cooked
bacon - would you believe) at fantastic
 value prices! Also unbeatable thai chicken
 soup here at the Church Street location in
 Downtown toronto

Great deli eats!
We love such dear folks showing off their
fun loving Irish Spirit!

Put together a quick meal at any deli counter with ham sliced by the pound along with some breads to go!
Supermarkets here will sell you a 55gm
buddig cold cuts - sheap
package of delicious (buddig brand) cold
cut meats for around a buck and a half

And most deli counters at a supermarket will sell you a nice garlic shrimp serving from under two bucks (per 100gm), a foccacia for the same price as a "stupid Mac" potato wedges for the same price as Mac fries and a nice soda for about the same as a large Macdonalds pop.

Great Stromboli offerings at just five bucks
from Mediterranean restaurants in town - Toronto 

Italian recipe page
Make delicious (cheaply priced) Italian tuna (drenched in great olive oil) sandwiches for the family!

Best pizza place in this town is Pizza Nova! 

Best pizza in town is at Pizza Nova fer shure!
See their offerings pictured here:





Wanda's Belgian waffles in Toronto - great!
around five bucks for a waffle with ice cream
(Dpwntown Yonge street location now closed)!