Whose side
are you
on anyways!
school lunch program

Freedom of association and disposability of income based
on familial preference is a god-given right to those of merit only!

Every school lunchroom should look just like the picture above. Great
kids, being cared for and nourished with sensible food that isn't going to
waste elsewhere in what poor sense of priorities has recently been shown
by the Bush mindset - dead set instead against true genius on such matters
of human decency.

If you are wasting our monies elsewhere in order to be wicked I suggest
now is as good a time to call it quits - cause you wont enjoy the thrill
anymore - I assure you! honest! really and truly! Just try me...

Likewise - whether its a giveaway of great toys for children, monies
for young men and women to support a reasoned lifestyle with
hope for a brighter future given a lack of want - relatively speaking
- whatever the case, we think that charities that cater to a membership
based on personal preference - such as "being truly committed to the 
true irish spirit above all" - that this is as much a right as that of
the right to bear arms in america for example.

Whitch one of you would say any different in my town eh!?


Michael Rizzo Chessman Leader www.eurocoalition.org