Baileys best offerings of
greatest fine Spirits

Irish offerings!!

  top pick

top pick   Bacardi Breezer - 4.5% Rum content
tasty Bacardi BREEZER
- with Rum
% alcohol  

smirnof vodka
top pick

Napoleon French Brandy!!!
top pick

top pick
Hennesy Cognac



The very best in Vodka from europe is of course 
famously always going to remain Russian

Baileys white Russian recipe  Premium quality Russian vodkas

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 Best wine regions
and picks
throughout europe,
south america,
   top pick       top pick           top pick                                  top pick
     Wallaroo Trail _ Shiraz      Brights 74 port
                                                  My favourite choice of wine for many years has
                                                  been the (under $15) Shiraz from Wallaroo Trail 
                                                  (made in Australia and with Canadian grapes
                                                 used too) Available in Canada through 
                                                  "Wine Rack" locations too
                                                  now switched to drinking mainly "brights 74" 
                                                  1Litre 18 percent Port (Tawny) (fortified wine) 
                                                  $10 750ml bottle  in Toronto - only stocked 
                                                  at better LCBO store locations (closed mondays?!)
                                                  (Niagara region produced) order same day pickup


Cesari wines are from from Italy
A great, potent wine from 
Mateus Rose!            Shiraz wine from
                                 Frontera (Chile!!)
         Frontera - Shiraz
top pick                           top pick

 a greatest irish
spirited (swedish
wild berry offering)
 top pick

from lovely Vienna to you all here

from vienna

My favourite drink at the
bar at present is "Mikes hard 
lemonade" or "Smirnoff" especially 
too! beats the awful taste of  
beers all te hell by relative

same ten bucks for a case of four 
as buyin a lousy tastin case of 
beer by comparison instead - dont 
get took!

A fully 1 litre bottle of Smirnoff (the best!)
is only $7 Cdn at the LCBO - why not for a ten
at the bar (plus tip of course - tax already 
included I suggest)
Mikes Hard lemonade - by the case even! top pick

Smirnofftop pick 
my fav drink!!



Wyndham Estates Wines - Australia


Pick up some nice
wine glasses in real crystal 
from Ireland and elsewhere
in Europe - great for Port and
 Sherry equally!
    Sommersby Cider (Denmark produced)
Belgian designed pewter
goblets are nice too!

top pick A New Zealand Irish Cream
"Mudshake" (French vanilla)
is a "must have" whenever
you shop at the store
or visit at the Pub"!!!!!!!!!
(available now at the LCBO

stores in canada!)!

(Not yet once again available locally is the supremely delicious Koala real fruit drinks from Australia's great producers)


Blue Nun
German wine!
top pick

top pick


          top pick
Black Tower is popular too! 


andres "port'
top pick                                  top pick
Fortified wine (Port) is not widely enough
available here at reasonable price points   Germany's Hochtaler also famous!

These best wine brands from Germany of any in this price range is
almost never to be seen at the Canadian liquor stores in Ontario for
example. Now that's patently unfair - we dont need anything to be
good enuf to their mindset here in what is to be "equal" - we need the
best instead - as winning should be on merit - and we have no desire
to lose to you lot that reject such decent values instead!

This mainly sherry offering
from australia is a royal
treat for just a ten dollar bill (cdn)

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