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Support The Irish Spirited
Tourism areas with your visit especially to the greatest cities of Europe
See the beautiful Irish spirited also
renowned "Russian blondes in video here too"

The lovely beauty in Ukraine spotted
too at this London venue!!

Keilbasa - great sausage all around
in areas of european taste appeal!!

html5 video by ThunderSoft
scenes of dublin


Experience the greatest 
comfort of flying with 
a superior 
European airline!!!!



The thrill
of Europe!


Visit the supremely Irish spirited Peoples in Germany most especially too -
we say yet again!!



Jőrg Heumüller - Photographer  -

Australia is a place with special people!


Paris is a most lovely city to
consider for your holiday too
Photo: Monsieur Robert Dosineau  


Us Italians are second to none!
Visit Roma! Grazie (Michael Rizzo)