Support the Irish spirit!!
true to this spirit, related spirits found all
throughout europe!


The irish beauty of
sweden too
swedish beauty!!

swedish gals

swedish gals

Sweden (nightlife)

Support The Irish Spirited
Tourism areas with your visit especially to the greatest cities of Europe

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image 4

More of an Irish paradise brewing here for our
planet's future!!

The fantastic human spirit which is to be
found exclusively in Italy, of this quality!

Nightlife - Italian style - yippee!

Kobassa - great sausage all around IN
ALL areas of european taste appeal!!

Even Romanians enjoy humanistic seeming
warmth around nightlife attractions

"Russian Bosnian" tourist area

A humanly vibrant shopping crowd in
Russia - just try and beat the spirit
showing here! ha ha

Italian song (famous "Bella ciao") often
nicely also done in Russia, here done by
parisians in France (Paris crowd) yay!

 The french-italian spirit of the best of
what is to be found in Iran (their better

Your tour guide tips for south africa

then theres this instead:

A die hard adventurer drawn to
thrills in the namibian outbacks

scenes of dublin

Incurable Ireland!!

Experience the greatest 
comfort of flying with 
a superior 
European airline!!!!



The thrill
of Europe!


Visit the supremely Irish spirited Peoples in Germany most especially too -
we say yet again!!



Jőrg Heumüller - Photographer  -

Australia is a place with special people!


Paris is a most lovely city to
consider for your holiday too
Photo: Monsieur Robert Dosineau  


Us Italians are second to none!
Visit Roma! Grazie (Michael Rizzo)