Computer recommendations based on experience

Compaq/HP is quality!

By the way, free programs are downloadable on the Internet to allow you to customize the start-up
 screen image and wallpaper background on netbooks running Microsoft Windows 7 starter edition
Buying a computer? Don't get took! Don't get anything but
a Compaq/HP PC!! Its a constant state of awe to see the 
quality these folks put into their stuff, over the years!
We use HP exclusively for our Computing needs in-house!  

New HP Tower model with i7 processor speed capability
Greatest leadership
We welcome management of all our industries
across the board by best leaders as truly most exemplified by
The Rt Hon Mr. Lee Iacocca (saviour of Chrysler)
 Rt Hon Mr. Lee Iacocca
A man with absolutely the greatest heart and mind to match!
He's the man to trust!!

Rogers (Cable based Internet Service Provider 
nationally) once had a great deal on the Compaq 
Laptop/ISP bundle Lovely folks work there especially
(at HP particularly that is, thinking back to old fashioned 
values in terms of merited spirits being encouraged to be
at their best for the best rewards all around, including
benefits to the general community which takes that into 
account in a manner as to be appreciative and to be edified
instead of feeling left out of a drive to reverse minded thinking
as is now the genre running things in this town as we find.
Personally grew up in a small town Christian setting - and
those days are a goneby memory now as the Titanic continues
to take on water while the cheques go out to any opposing
causes instead of keeping what was of merit somehow still afloat.

By the way, our new 4K TV grabs fully
18 seeming channels (all HD fer crissakes)
off the air with use of an HD antenna - all for free
With what's mainly on TV right now - that's all its worth

Rogers modem pictured
(See Bell modem on the opposite side f this webpage)

As Rogers has taken the initiative to have previously
given us a Compaq/HP laptop on what had been a
Internet/Laptop rental bundle, we recently asked
the new CEO to reinstate the program and
possibly add reasonably equipped Sony TV's
and home theater systems possibly too - why not - 
in monthly payment plans with some modicum amount
of programming bundled in too - only if need be. 

As a young top store Manager at Radio Shack
retail chain in Canada back around 1980
I suggested Radio Shack offer a monthly payment
plan for those making "big ticket" purchases from 
$200-$3500 mainly and got Radio Shack set-up with
finance companies locally at first to make consumer 
financing available - something that paid off big with
the entire company here coming on board with the
successful plan ultimately - just doin my job
in innovating for our folks where opportunities as 
these seem just too obviously great to pass on.

Speaking of which we have for years touted the benefit
to ourselves here at Euro British Coalition (Americas)
of having dual internet connectivity in case one or other
telecom provider fails us yet again as experienced along
the way despite some kudos we save for later as the
"jury remains still out overall". We shared the benefits
of such redundancy infrastructure with CEO's of
major companies including certainly main banks
and government leaders. While it does seem the library
has now such a facility in having had their wired and 
wireless connectivity split up between the two main
telecom providers (which is why they remained on the air
during the national outage at Rogers in early July 2022)
and have even installed HPs in all their branches as we 
have long suggested everyone do, they dont seem to have
been likewise emulated elsewhere as some banks seemed 
100% down including the crucial interac debit card system - 
as the advice of our own experience along the way seemed
to have fallen on deaf ears as it were as some only take
advice from internally seeming sources as it were. tut tut
could at least bought us a lunch for making the suggestion
fer crissakes along the way. Speaking of which the library
too seems only to have deaf ears on programming suggestions
as too much "cancel culture" mindsets abound who seem mainly
interested in replacing saner material with "whatever goes"
and with emphasis mainly on fringe ideas of merit
in what amounts to bigotry against mainstream
culture and community therefore and normal sexuality
as a preferred style for those not wanting constant 
bombardment with signage supporting deviance
at every counter and large window and bank
building facades - and even government
etc - as that is not in fact anything but ultra vires
and in fact a form of harassment to inflict on folks 
wishing to be free of dissonance from what is normality
for our own idea of merited humanist existentialism
filled with thoughts of love and care for traditional
members of family in what should remain the model of 
choice no one has rights to negate with censorship or
bigoted and malicious seeming propaganda and related
paraphernalia all around in this town where the PM
himself involves himself in parades promoting deviance 
in some idea of serving a more important ideal
than "the family". This goes against the Charter
of Rights and the Universal declaration of Human Rights
of the United nations as we interpret them here or in any
event would choose to do so certainly in that way as
makes sense. Same goes for TV genre of programming
preference in this silly town of Toronto et large.

Get a computer to aid you in accounting
for your business - click here for tips

We are able to maintain 100% uptime so far this year during the many seeming momentary hydro failures in the area by using UPS equipment (APC brand and Cyberpower brand both equally) on all our computers and storage source peripheral eqipment. We also use a basic Bell backup Internet modem to augment our higher speed Rogers modems for added safety reasons mainly. UPS - 1500VA model APC quality UPS backup We made this purchase of a lovely APC and Cyberpower UPS additions to our UPS lineup - every device we use is independently secure on a UPS. (Both key brands also sold locally at Canada Computers - College/Spadina in Toronto - also check amazon mainly for quik ship as usual is possible)
Euro standards only!
Polk Audio makes these cheap lovely looking but basic sound quality little Euro quality speakers in Latin America,
(once came bundled with selected HP
entry level PC offerings - ok for your ipod too)
Bell Hub 2000 Internet modem shown
Note Bell has lovely quality equipment
(such as from world famous US quality from
Arris (Motorola)of the good old USA!!
(rogers too, along the way till now too)
- however if using Bell, stick to their 2000HUB
Bell model now for most internet use, if you use
VPN functionality related companion software
like most people (Recommend ExpressVPN
mostly, or perhaps even Cyberghost too)

Right now we still prefer to use magicjack for
 voicemail forwarding to email and also have
(award winner for quality) direct wired landline
service locally. We've used both Rogers and Bell
over the years for this facility depending on
connection availability at our location at the time.
Our Rogers landline service was bell installed and
account serviced by
Rogers - as an experiment
for us only, back then, we are to now suppose. Its the
better choice to compete over what we have now.

Cheap homephone service alternative from
"magicjack"  ONLY $5/mo Here includes North
american long  distance and great voicemail, call 
display with email  forwarding  of voice message
received (requires internet connection with sufficient
available upload speeds). 
Bell's most reasonably priced cellphone service starts
at just $15 monthly - use a refurb phone if need
be to save on purchase costs. The name diaplay
facility on Bell cellphone service plans does not
show subscriber name of incoming calls from
the network, it only indicated the number. WFT!!

bell tv box remote
What a lovely design in the Bell TV
Box remote control units a real pleasure when
used interactively viewing  on the youtube channel
through Bell fibe TV for example. Its nicely made
with real metal quality rather than bulky plastic
and is conservatively designed to western
standards of ergonomic excellence.

Prepare your taxes using free software and netfile
submit your return on-line free of charge too. Instant
assessment. (Depending on your level of income you
may have to pay a fee to use the software -
however most low to middle income earners don't
have to pay a thing to file as many as returns for 20
people each year) free (donations supported)
providers include:
Studio Tax Software and others

4K media player
This is our new media player from NeonTek N77 (DDR4
memory pre-installed) purchased from a discounter
locally who keeps generally good stock.

It sports both USB3 (important) and USB2 ports
along with a SATA 2.5" hard disk attachment port
Shown here is a 2TB Toshiba Canvio Hard drive
attached to the USB 3 port too, for good speed.

We have upgraded the power supply to a 5V
higher power (2.5 amp capacity) power adapter
to ensure adequate and robust power availability to
power the attached Toshiba drive comfortably too
in addition to the media player itself.

It displays a lovely 2160p H.264 picture
(such as our Der Pianist 2160p H,264 SDR conversion
that's posted for you on the net for free download)

No need for a disc player anymore for playback
purposes. We have this attached to our lovely (despite
their reputation for budget conscious pricing) brand new
Skyworth 4K TV purchased from the Cdn Tire Store chain
here in Canada, and no doubt widely generally available
elsewhere too.

"Online 17" IPTV service (cheap annual fee)
This might be your best deal for premium News
Channels and more from the US and from Europe
right onto your computer with "hot button" instant
recording thoughtfully placed on-screen
by expert German software design companies
making this offer for unbelievably low cost. Get
around the embargo of human beautiful spirits
appearing on your screen with a fairer take on
matters of global concern for crissakes!

The best viewing we find on TV is the youtube channel -
also available through internet connected Smart-TVs - you
get the world of viewing choices - without all the CRTC
mandated garbage they are flogging as art (noveau would
you believe) around town just now. Yuck!! (Like someone
replacing your prime rib with sushi with no seeming
alternative for crissakes!!) Both Cable providers Rogers
and Bell have the youtube channel available linked to
Internet services being available too. Check for interactive
youtube channel capability enabling capacities from your
services provider or smart TV model.

Dual VGA display adapter from amazon - $20 promo

For great ideas on the revival of Western based
quality in Stereo system offerings, please visit our
page here:


Greater quality from old times from
Western Manufacturers like
Bose and Altec Lansing


Support American products such as HP-Compaq!

HP has made great fax machines too!
HP printers for beauty!                     
An HP printer is a must! You can do beautiful work with
a model from the most reliable name in Printers - HP.
These folks set the standard and have never sold
anything but the best! And our most lovely gals
work there too! They sure do earn your business! At
now reduced current prices, (starter ink offering incl) 
its a steal!
Compaq-Hewlett Packard - don't leave
the store with anything less!

Intel makes sense to us!
When purchasing electronic chips and circuit
boards, rely on American ingenuity and quality
such as Intel, the world leader in processing
technologies, based on good old American know-how!
We salute Intel for its commitment to manufacturing
capacity expansion in Ireland including a somewhat recent
$2Billion dollar plant expansion here. Its really
the best place to gain our support

Western Digital USB Hard Drives we use!
We make exclusive use of several of these 4TB -20TB USB 3 Compatible Hard Drives from Western Digital - known for their quality for  decades in this business and delivering superior warranty  service where circumstances require - great folks indeed! many thanks! (by the way, we purchased them at "BestBuy" locations in and around the Toronto area now and then and recently mostly from amazon too - same day/next day) delivery often. Great looking idea for european plants in our own areas there too instead. Christmas 2020 update:
Just added (from gifts received) 20TB capacity using two of these similarly performing drives from Western Digital in their WD "Easy Store" Brand line offerings (BestBuy stores online-purchased - instant pickup too) - super high capacity drives at prices which clearly suggest "money left on the table" which should be used instead to reinvigorate
manufacturing of such quality designs "in our own backyard" for crissakes. Think of the advantages that is sure to bring!

optical to rca audio converter
This sharp looking device from amazon comes in at under
twenty bucks including tax and free prime member shipping
and is ideal for such devices as the Bell desktop set converter
4K model for your TV which lacks the standard RCA output
jacks for a standard connection to your home stereo - beats
listening to the petty little speakers Built into too many TVs it
would appear. Converts Optical digital audio output to standard
analog RCA jacks for universal use. Something Bell should
have insisted the manufacturer build-in in the first place rather
than have to seel everyone an adapter after the fact through its
retail chain - if its even available there fer crissakes. Our
Rogers Cisco Nextbox desktop set converter instead comes
with all conceivable output and input jack options - just like
Rogers to beat 'em all, yet again, don't you just know!!

amazon 4k switcher

We have this HDMI remote controlled switcher box hooked
up in conjunction with an HDMI audio extractor to RCA analog
signal converter so that with a single touch of a button
our 4K giant screen TV plus our vintage powerful stereo
power amp (JVC) display picture and sound from any number
of sources we use such as a 4K media player, TV setbox
cable signal converter, bluray disc player, desktop computer
etc. All items available at amazingly low prices - hell why not
build them all locally and get a reasonable price even at several
fold pricing premium I would add.

Manage your small business Accounting on computer
(click here for tips)

 Get in on
the ipod

music and video to take along anywhere 
you go
      Wired and wireless Microsoft mouse offerings
We use Microsoft along with HP add-ons

This great quality looking Toshiba hand-held
sized model could be made by Europe based
suppliers to the world. Why not Italy and Germany
in partnership for starters - with Spain too

Toshiba Canvio hard drive - hand held

Kingston DT50 USB key from amazon sites
Kingston USB keys are great quality appearance
metal encased - so they don't fall apart eventually
like plastic alternatives - Should be made in Europe
Italy/Germany/Spain/Netherlands etc
Sandisk has superior designs in miniature size USB keys (128GB
for instance)  that are nicely styled and high quality we find

ssd substitute for USB stick

hdmi to hdmi plus rca analog audio

HDMI streaming source recorder adapter
Great for recording from TV box source etc
(cheap at amazon presently - get it while you can!)

Kaspersky virus protection software
(best in the business - free 30 day
evaluation full-version downloadable
at their site at to get
your licence code for your particular
region, check out - we have
used them for years and have found them
reasonably discounted priced (around
twenty bucks a year for just a single
PC licence), plus very reliable for quick
enough emailed codes and download links


IBM PS2 Personal computer offering
The Computer Company which launched an Industry with its early offerings of the "open architecture" styled Personal Computer was Boca Raton based IBM Company with products designed, engineered and built in the USA in Boca Raton with the best talent available, and the most professional Sales force catering to the markets here in best fashion. We need this Industry to be based in
areas of Europe based control once more, rather
than being farmed out to China as it is at present,
costing us control over our own markets and global
power positioning in general in this regard.

We also make use of this modern HP Computer monitor model
L2445m (We almost exclusively use HP computer models)
What great homegrown good old USA humanly beauty of creative genius reflecting conscientiousness in purpose of designing and building quality to serve the needs of our folks in the family here, including merited employment for our best folks here I submit with care.


the innovative earlier models Apple computer - designed by an American of Syrian background - Mr. Steve Jobs- would you believe!

The DEC rainbow is a yet another
greatest example of American know
-how in producing the best in world
class quality  in years past.