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Jaguar XJ6

Jaguar has styling which reflects 
the supremacy of the British mind
in the design of great things for
the flourishing of the greatest spirit  
of man

Jaguar XJ6 (classical)
 Lovely interior

Jaguar grille


MG still would have
great potential!

This is one car that often came close to an ideal
perfection for the style of automobile.
Why on earth would anyone abandon such beauty?
Oh well, perhaps we'll bring this one back too!
Michael Rizzo (Chessman)




Range Rover and  
When considering an SUV type of vehicle
keep in mind that you'd have to be insane
to pass on the luxurious comfort of a British
Range Rover model as shown here. Imagine kicking
yourself for all those hours on the road if
you make a stupid decision instead! (With respect!) 

Lovely Land Rover  
If you really cant afford one of the Range Rover models,
you can still come close with a nice Land Rover model! 
Imagine that! You could just end up with "shit" instead. 
Who needs that? A newer Landrover is even nicer than many
 a Range Rover model at times!



A Rolls Royce makes the ultimate statement in 
powerful taste and luxury! A "must have" for every head
of state certainly!
Although a Bentley might just as well suffice too perhaps!